Part 6: Making A Jig

The smoker doors are going to need 5 hinges total, two on each main door and one on the third small access door.

Third small access door?! What access door?

Well, we decided to do something a little different with our smoker. Since at some point we want the ability to put a whole hog in there, we need a way to open the entire front of the smoker. I was all excited when I thought of building in that little center door, but then I found out that it’s not an original thought. Oh well, it’s still going to be great.We’ll have some progress pictures on that as it comes along, but for now we need to build some bending jigs for the door hinges.

We’ll start with a small piece of the stock we’re going to use for the hinge tube, weld that to a base, and add a piece of angle stock in the right place.

Now that the jig is secured, we’ll cut the hinge lengths, and start heating and bending. Since the only heat source we have is a benzine torch, this takes a while…

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