Part 7: Taking shape

After the last few weeks of driving, prepping, and cutting the smoker is finally starting to take shape and look like a smoker. The hinges, top frame of the door, bottom frame, and handle are all welded on! Then it was time for a celebratory hydration beer. Rolling Rock seems to be our go to for working in the Arizona heat.

Ok, ok, my first welds aren’t winning any beauty contests, but they hold. Hey, this whole thing is a learning process, right? So the next thing was some YouTube studying (teach me oh wise ones). The next weld turned out looking more like embroidery (see, I can be taught).

I took some very good advice from the guys at Franklin Barbecue and only cut the top edge, the bottom edge, and the corners but left the sides of the doors uncut. This will kept the 50lb plate of steel from falling into the tank after it was cut. That would have made holding it in place to weld the hinges one hell of a challenge.  So, with that being said after I got the bottom frame and handle in place, I cut the sides of the door and…

TADA! We have a door!


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