Part 8: This Time With Feeling

So had to take a few steps backwards with the new smoker as my new welder does well on thin metal but wasn’t getting enough penetration on the 1/4″ steel of the tank. So, off everything came. Re-welded the doors to the body, removed the hinges, the handle, the risers, and had to grind everything back down and start all over… lesson learned!

A few friends came by to help and we managed to get caught up and ahead all in one night. New hinges, handle, even got the rest of the frame on the first door done and most of the 2nd door finished up!

This is supervision at it’s finest. Beers and straws so we can drink with the welding masks on while telling Cody how good of a job he’s doing…

As of this writing, we now have 2 fully framed and functional doors! Next step is to start cutting the tank to add in the kickstands for the doors, and start preparing to build and mount the fire box.

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