Part 9: Our First Official Tasting

We have been working on getting our recipes down and decided that we were going to try out a couple of them and get some feedback.  So we put out an official invite to those who follow us on FaceBook and had everyone over this past Saturday night.  We made our brisket, bbq baked beans, coleslaw, and even a whiskey brownie topped with a toasted meringue.  From the remarks from the comment cards it seems to have been a success. There are some tweaks that could be made here and there but overall the response was great.  Thanks to all that attended!

Homemade bbq baked beans!
Friends and family

So in prep for this event Steve pulled an all nighter and had the brisket in the old smoker at midnight so it would be ready by 6pm Friday night.  Our current smoker does not retain heat as well as the new one will so it was a watch the heat and feed the box every 45 minutes to an hour kind of night (and day).  Once the new smoker is finished we wont have to babysit it as much and sleep deprivation wont kick in at 7pm.


Now we get to continue working on the new smoker and plan out our next tasting……what to choose, what to choose.

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