Part 2: Tanks Aquired

After doing a ton of research on what to use, we narrowed it down to a 250 gallon propane tank. I think the best resource we found is the Franklin Barbecue Cookbook. Seriously if you haven’t read it, I’d highly suggest doing so. It’s full of super useful information that’s relevant to either running a smoker at home or in a commercial venture.

The search began for a viable tank. Most of our initial searches were on Craigslist and were either super expensive for a decommissioned tank or on the other side of the state (where the directions included turning off the paved road for 10 miles). Then the divine hand of fate said “uh… you have a friend that works for the propane company”. We reached out to him and he found us not one, but two tanks at a price we couldn’t possibly deny.

So today we purchased our first two tanks. Yep, two 250 gallon propane tanks. Next step is going to pick them up and get started. We’ll be documenting the build from cleaning, cutting, building the firebox, and creating a custom base solution for the trailer we have. I guess we should buy a welder…

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